The Book of the Cosmos

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TITLE : The Book of the Cosmos – The Scientific American

AUTHOR : David Levy

EDITION : Hardcover – Rare Year:2000 (Pages 408)

CONDITION : This book is in very good condition only a little dirt on the page edges. Book Cover and sleeve are in excellent condition.

NOTES : This is a fabulous reference book – everything you want to know about the Cosmos! You can pick up a paperback version fairly cheaply. But hardcover is scarce. It is a monster of a book – Quite large and weighty.

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Author: David Levy
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A fascinating and thorough examination of the Cosmos by the world famous Scientific American team.Established in 1845, Scientific American is the world’s premier science journal and is known as the foremost source of innovations in science and technology. In this fascinating book, SA together with the expertise of leading cosmologists and astronomers will provide the layperson with the fundamental concepts of cosmology – the science of the origin and structure of the universe – in one accessible, comprehensive volume. Topics covered include the Big Bang Theory and the birth and expansion of the universe; the formation of galaxies; the creation of the Milky Way; star death and birth; the creation of the Solar System, the birth of our sun and a tour of the nine planets; and finally, an exploration of life on earth and the possibility of discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

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