Traci Harding is one of Australia's leading Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors. Her books blend fantasy, fact, esoteric belief, time travel and quantum physics. With adventurous romps throughout history, alternative dimensions and states of consciousness, it's easy to see why Traci was recently voted into the top 30 of Booktopia's 2015 Australia's Favourite Author poll.

Traci loves attending signings and conventions to meet with her fans and to sign their books for them. However, these events are few and far between each year, and often in cities that are out of reach to many of Traci's fans. With many people asking for signed books, Traci has decided to make herself more accessible to the public by offering a marketplace for fans to buy her signed books.

All Things Traci has been set up to achieve just that. You can choose to buy a simple autographed copy of any of her books, or, for that special present, you can choose to have Traci sign the book to a particular person, with the message of your choice.

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Autographed Books

All books come  autographed with “Warm Wishes, Traci H”    as shown in the picture!