Angels Don’t Play This HARRP

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TITLE : Angels Don’t Play This HARRP

AUTHOR : Nick Begich & Jeane Manning

EDITION : Paperback 1995 (218 Pages)

CONDITION : Very Good – tiny bit of dirt and yellowing on the closed page edge, at top and botttom but otherwise perfect

NOTE : Research for ‘The Black Madonna’.  Also includes a (as new) bookmark from the launch of the Dragon Queens – so extra memorabilia.

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RARE – probably banned – you can source copies of this OS with postage at a cost of anywhere between $80-$200 dollars.

This is a very good entry guide into the HAARP Technology.

From the development of the idea and patents, this is a detailed explanation of the potential of this technology for the use for good orill.

Some of the potential uses examined:

1. To intercept missiles, enemy aircraft.
2. To detect submarines and underground hidden facilities
3. To control weather and alter natural weather patterns by heating the atmosphere (ionosphere)
4. To trigger earthquakes at fault lines and activate volcanic eruptions
5. To create unnatural storms and mega hurricanes
6. To use as mind control and brain “frying” tech, or used to heal people.
7. To disrupt the life cycle of animals, fish, birds and insects and disrupt the food supply.

16 years has passed and HAARP have become an infamous target for blame for many of the world’s catastrophic events.

Conspiracy Theory or Current Affairs?

















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