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TITLE : Explorations: An Autobiography

AUTHOR : Robert D. Ballard

EDITION : Hard Cover First Edition 1995 (407 pages).

CONDITION : Good condition – little dirt on page edges. Dustcover and hardcover a little worn at the edges – for being referenced so much! But the book and all its pages are in beautiful condition due to the high quality paper used.

NOTES : I read this one from cover to cover. A fascinating insight into life on a submersible and as a marine archeologist. This book was invaluable when I was writing ‘Masters of Reality’. This is the outfit that the Plato Project was based upon! All the underwater footage you see in “Titanic” was shot by this project, and that was not Bob Ballard’s only fantastic deep sea salvage adventure! Highly recommend! There are second-hand copies of this available in the wild, and you may be able to pick it up cheaper in paperback. But the hardcover is full of wonderful photographs and this particular copy has a very well preserved bookmark from the Adyar Bookstore in it.

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Author: Robert D. Ballard
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In 1985, Robert Ballard the oceanographer, using a miniature diving bell complete with sophisticated underwater camera craft, discovered the long lost wreck of the White Star liner the “Titanic”, two miles deep in the north Atlantic. Two years later, using the same equipment he rediscovered the wreck of the World War II German battleship, the “Bismarck”. Since then, he has conducted dramatic underwater surveys of the lost World War II ships of Guadalcanal in the pacific, and most recently, the Cunard liner, the “Lusitania”, the ship whose sinking off the Irish coast brought the Americans into World War I. But Ballard has also held intelligence jobs in the US Navy and found hitherto unknown marine life on the Pacific ocean floor.

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