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The Black Madonna

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This book is autographed by Traci Harding.

The bestselling author of The Ancient Future returns with the final instalment of this compelling series about an ancient and powerful female lineage

  • The Mystique Trilogy
  • Paperback

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Mia Montrose, archaeological linguist, has discovered that the Black Madonna is a code used by secret societies throughout time for the lost key to an ancient power source: the Sphere of Amenti.

Kali, inter-dimensional Queen of the Anunnaki – now fully merged with the youngest Dragon Queen, Tamar Devere – has less than a year to rehabilitate her Fallen kindred who desire inter-galactic domination.

Ashlee Granville-Devere, and the Dragon Queens must pool their talents to open the twelve Stations of the Signet Grid and unlock the Halls of Amenti lest the Fallen succeed in using time-travel technologies to destroy humanity. From the ancient past to the distant future, from Montsègur to the way-stations of the universe, from the Underworld of the Kali Rift to the Otherworld of the Ranna Time Flow – the inter-time war must be won for the sake of the Future.


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1 review for The Black Madonna

  1. WiseOldSeeds (verified owner)

    If you thought the Ancient Future Trilogies were Epic, you must read this one! It was packed with adventure and my brain was numb digesting all the codes within these books Traci manages to effortlessly write with ease and grace. One of my Favourites! Thank You Traci

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