The Light Field – Small Edition

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This book is autographed by Traci Harding.

The final book in the fantastic Triad of Being trilogy, from one of Australia’s most popular and bestselling Voyager authors.

  • Book 3 of Triad of Being
  • Paperback

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In the battle to get the Being of the Field back to the Universe Parallel, the greatest weapon and risk lay in its own light-field. Ten years in Maladaan’s past, Taren Lennox seizes the opportunity to secure personal financing for the AMIE Project and base the building on Frujia – away from Maladaan and its Secret Service. But when the MSS develop a weapon, from a patent of one of Taren’s inventions, that counts light – photon by photon – she begins to doubt her ability to keep her ever-growing psychic army a secret. For this new photon-camera can identify a psychic from the more inept by the unmistakable brilliance of their light-field!

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Paul Ennis
The Universe Parallel - Small Edition

it is small and has the right name on it so I will review after I have read it!

Michele Putt
Love it

I have all Traci’s books now so I have plenty of reading ahead of me. I love the genre and these books speak to me on so many levels! Enjoy people.

Thank you Michele for all your support! Many Blessings!