The Dragon Queens

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This book is autographed by Traci Harding.

The bestselling author of THE ANCIENT FUTURE returns with the second instalment of this compelling new series about an ancient and powerful female lineage … Ashlee Devere, 19th century

  • The Mystique Trilogy
  • Paperback

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Ashlee Devere, 9th century clairvoyant, adventurer and historian, is called upon to authenticate a Sumerian text that predates the Old Testament.

Tamar, daughter of the renowned 2 st century linguist Mia Montrose, reading Ashlee’s diaries for the first time, undergoes an astounding transformation – psychically and physically.

Kali, a powerful goddess, and one of the keepers of the lost key to the gateway between our world and the next, is coming … From the pyramids of Egypt to the legendary Halls of Amenti, from future myth to ancient science, from the sacred to the profane – the race to unlock the secrets of the Grail bloodline challenges the very nature of the gods ….

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One of the Best Trilogies written, Loved Every Word!