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Season 1 – The Search for 441

357 is a Universal Intel Agent, employed by the Stellium Consortium at their top secret Ground Zero operations centre. The job of a UIA is to be teleported into the future for exploratory purposes, before having their assignment memory harvested and wiped clean, in preparation for their next quantum leap into the future.

Hundreds of years from now, 357 lands in Stellaris, a utopian floating city where all hunger, greed, unemployment and poverty have been eradicated. The city is run by the Superior, a super computer created and serviced by a high-tech race of beings known as Wingmakers. This trans-human race rose to power in the wake of the Dead Zone era of Earth’s history – between Ground Zero’s time and the advent of Stellaris – when much of planet Earth was laid to waste. Only one UIA agent, 441, ever managed to outsmart his programming to go rogue and sidetrack into the Dead Zone, ahead of disappearing into the future. Familiar with the agent in question, 357 has been given the task of tracking 441 down.

It takes 357 very little time to realise that living in a perfect world is a complete bore! With little need to compete or work, and with all needs met, humanity has lost its desire to create, aspire and inspire others – music, the arts, great literature, and even good cuisine are all extinct!

A chance encounter with a rebel element, leads 357 outside the city system into the surface world base of ALIAS – a group of radicals living in the remnants of what was once Ground Zero. Here everyone lives under an alias to protect their identity, as they strive to reboot the Ground Zero master computer DAISI (Data And Intel Service Interface). For DAISI holds the key to restoring the function of the time travel mechanism that sent 357 into the future in the first place. ALIAS are also eager to find 441 to utilise his knowledge to aid their cause. They aim to prevent the disaster that laid the Earth to waste – an event that they believe the Ground Zero organisation may have been largely responsible for. If DAISI can be brought back online, they plan to quantum leap back in time using her recordings and knowledge of Stellium events.

Can this rebel gang of misfits outsmart their AI overlords to secure an independent future for all sentient beings, in a society worth living for? Only time will tell.

Run Time : 3 hours and 32 minutes



Episode/Chapter 1 UIA 357
Episode/Chapter 2 Ground Zero
Episode/Chapter 3 The Stellium Gateway
Episode/Chapter 4 The Dead Zone
Episode/Chapter 5 Stellaris City 2750 AD
Episode/Chapter 6 Be All & End All
Episode/Chapter 7 Alias
Episode/Chapter 8 Zero Remains
Episode/Chapter 9 Synthetic
Episode/Chapter 10 The Boys Are Back
Episode/Chapter 11 The Back-Up Plan
Episode/Chapter 12 Finding 441