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In October 1939, Charlotte Hughes (Charlie) accompanies her husband, Lloyd Hughes on
a business trip to war torn Cambodia. Lloyd has been sent to represent his benefactor,
who is funding the French restoration at Angkor Wat. The project has discovered ancient
technology within the temple complex that has been hidden for thousands of years.

A young professor working at the site explains to Charlie some of the enigmas depicted
at Angkor. He also confides in her about what he suspects the site was originally
designed for and the dangers of attempting to resurrect the property of the God Vishnu.
It is the young Professor’s hope that Charlie can help dissuade her husband from giving
the French consent activate the site.

But Lloyd is not a reasonable man. He has orders to uncover the capabilities of the
structure and artifacts found at Angkor, before the invading Japanese forces get the
opportunity to seize the advantage.

Let me take you on a fantastic journey into the timeless mysteries that lay dormant within
the city of temples in the ‘Valley of a Thousand Flames’.

Run Time : 1 hour and 25 minutes

1. A Marriage of Inconvenience (1939)
2. The End of the World (10,500 BC)
3. Rendezvous in Phnom Penh (1939)
4. Valley of a Thousand Flames (10,500 BC)
5. The Age of Angkor (1939)
6. Ignition (10,500 BC)
7. The River of a Thousand Lingas (1939)
8. A Boundless Instant (10,500 BC)
9. Patala (1939)

Customer Reviews

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Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

Lang Gavin

As if Angkor Wat wasn't alluring enough already!
I love the way Traci was able draw me to a world of intrigue and wonder in such a short piece.
Her well honed talent for bringing places and people to life, and weaving them into otherworldly, other-timely, scenarios has become legendary to me, and this story did not disappoint.
Traci mixed reality with an augmented reality any gaming programmer would be proud to produce.
Hopefully, one day, Traci's writing talent can become the augmented reality I would love to share in.

Sally May

An alluring and arcane tale set amongst the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.
A feisty female …
A mystery to uncover …
A wrong to make right.
Written and read in true Traci Harding style.
Embrace the adventure.

Nadine Le Man

The Valley of a thousand flames takes you on a voyeur’s journey through Angkor Wat in 1939. Our leading companions have the strength of character that you have come to expect from a Traci Harding adventure. During the exploration of Angkor Wat you begin to question if Nikola Tesla channeled his signature technology form a long-lost history. It is a fun exploration of lost society and technology, whilst witnessing the coping skills a woman needs to survive and thrive in a man’s world. I absolute enjoy this adventure and it is the perfect break away from a chaotic world.

B Meyer

All the things we love about a Traci Harding story. An intelligent kick-ass female character seeking justice and searching for the truth! Mystery and intrigue in exotic places and esoteric discoveries that make us think deeply! The cherry on top is that it is read by Traci herself, which is a wonderful treat! Highly recommend.