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TITLE : Revelation. St.John The Divine’s Prophecies For The Apocalypse And Beyond

AUTHOR : Peter Lorie

EDITION : Paperback 1995 (224 Pages)

CONDITION : Good condition. Little bit of dirt spotting the pages outer edge.

NOTES : This is a gorgeous book, and not at all the type of commentary on these texts that one would expect. It’s a very down to earth look at these prophesies and what they might really mean for us at this time. This was one of the books I leaned heavily on when I was divining the events that would unfold in Masters of Reality, many of which have come to pass, and many of which are yet to come to pass.

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Author: Peter Lorie
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From the author of the enormously successful Nostradamus: The End of the Millennium and Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond comes a groundbreaking, visually stunning book that offers a soaring message of transformation and rebirth. 115 full-color photos, 30 biblical and astrological drawings, 15 original maps, index.

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