This Present Past – Trade Paperback

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This book is autographed by Traci Harding.

The long-awaited prequel to Traci Harding’s much-loved Ancient Future series

  • The Ancient Future Prequel
  • Trade Paperback

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In Ancient Wales, Gwion Bach, a simple woodsman, becomes enchanted by the fey beauty Creirwy during a brush with the Sons of the Long Knives. He earns Creirwy’s trust, and tthat of her mother, the goddess Keridwen, and is offered an apprenticeship at their castell in Llyn Tegid.

As Gwion discovers an enchanting new world of magic, the goddess is busy brewing a potion of prophetic insight and esoteric wisdom, destined for her monstrous son. However, an ill-timed accident provides an unexpected result. What transpires is an unforgettable shapeshifting battle that will spark rebellion and threaten to bring the downfall of all the kingdoms of Cymru.

In this thrilling and epic adventure spanning generations, Traci Harding finally reveals the origins of the Ancient Future series and how Gwion Bach rose from humble beginnings to become Taliesin, grand merlin and magician.

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2 reviews for This Present Past – Trade Paperback

  1. Simone

    A beautiful book that stands alone from the rest of the series. you can delight in this book as a new reader or fall in love with characters all over again as an old reader. I love how this world can just drag you back into it.

  2. Christine Schlueter

    INGENIOUS! if I were allowed only one word to describe “This Present Past” (TPP), it would be this word.
    Traci Harding once again managed to out-do herself with her new book! TPP is such an excellent additon to the TAF books!
    This book has it all: mystery, romance, love, intrigue, betrayal, tragedy.
    As they are so engaging + captivating, Traci’s books have always been hard to put down – TPP even more so than the others!

    It was so much fun seeing quite a few of the beloved characters in their life/roles before the ones we know them in from the TAF books (Cadfer, Chiglas, Vanora, Selwyn (it now mates TOTES sense why he was chosen as successor for Taliesin), Brockwell, Tiernan, Gilmore, Madoc, Maelgwn, the Fey (Keridwen, Gwyn Ap Nudd + his elementals) [what a charming family they make…] – and Rufus of course!
    I loved the many tidbits of insights… – and what shocking insights some of them were… (*smh at Maelgwn* … & Rhun, too for that matter). Some were really gut wretching though…

    It was most excellent to get an insight into the life and mysteries of Gwion Bach/Taliesin… and to finally see him with his chosen other – whom we don’t get to learn anything [concrete] about in the other books… (that knowledge has always been shrouded in mist).
    Also very nifty plot development re: incarnation of Mealgwyn’s other half. I can see what made Taliesin choose the 21st century incarnation to send back to the Dark Age…

    This book is a rollercoaster ride of light and heavy hearted moments where on one page you shout out in glee and on the next you cringe… it also has many “aha!” and “huh?!” moments.
    I also had a total Gandalf-moment: when Gwion is gifted his horse, Moonlight (aka: Shadowfax in disguise…*lol*)
    Re-reading TAF will be so much more fun know with the additional background story.
    Now that Taliesin’s story has been revealed, it’s time to shed some light on the mysteries of Myrddin…

    To keep all the strings together and stick with the stories as revealed in TAF Trilog + Co. is nothing short of a masterpiece (or gets you admitted to a psych ward) … a herculean feat for sure as there are so many timelines and incarnations to consider and keep in line and in-kanon of the original story… [which, admittedly, can be confusing for anyone not quite familiar with Traci’s works].
    KUDOS to Traci for the triple^2 mind-fuck she surely went through….

    If you enjoyed the stories of the Chosen, you will devour this latest offering… it’ll certainly leave you with a thirst for more. And if “This Present Past” should be your first venture into the realms of Traci Harding, then I can assure you that it won’t be your last… šŸ˜‰

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