AWOL – Small Edition

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This book is autographed by Traci Harding.

The last in the epic Time Keeper series.

  • Book 3 of The Timekeepers Trilogy
  • Paperback

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The Timekeepers return to the Astro-Marine Institute Explorer (AIME) to stop their nemesis interfering with the departure of an otherworldly being currently residing on Oceane. They agree to regroup one week before the interference is due to take place – but one team member seems to be taking an unofficial detour. An opportunity to prevent the incident altogether arises four years before the rendezvous. But to revisit this instance would be seen as a betrayal to many of the timekeepers and set them at war with one another. To end all the ancient curses at the route of the disputes between star systems, to pave the way for psychic freedom and achieve AMIE’s primary objective, one team member will break the principal rule of Timekeeping and quantum jump into their history alone.

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