The Chinese Roswell


TITLE : The Chinese Roswell – UFO Encounters in the Far East from Ancient Times to the Present

AUTHOR : Hartwig Hausdorf

EDITION : Trade Paperback 1998 (211 Pages)

CONDITION : Very good – A couple of dirt marks on the page edges, but a un-cracked spine.

NOTE : Research for ‘Dreaming of Zhou Gong’  all the information on the Pyramids there and ET encounters like the Dropa.

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QUITE RARE when I purchased it and is still a hard one to source on this side of the world.  Great Read.

Like his predecessor, Heinrich Harrer, who spent seven years in Tibet, Hartwig Hausdorf has ventured, virtually on foot, over many of the sacred places of the Far East. But his aim has been not to discover his own soul, but rather to uncover tell-tale traces of an Alien Mind which may have passed that way millennia ago, and may be passing by again. He has sought out the fabled, forbidden 1,000-foot White Pyramid of Xian. In so doing, he has stumbled upon the key to the ancient Chinese dream of material immortality, a dream perhaps inspired by Alien Mind, and a key hidden in the fabulous, mercury-filled tomb–chamber of the Emperor Shi Huangdi–a tomb-chamber the possible excavation of which the Chinese government has kept secret from the West. He has unearthed new facts about the mysterious stone disks of Bayan Kara Ula, which some believe tell the story of a forced alien landing 12,000 years ago. And he has discerned, in the prodigious mind-over-matter techniques of the Tibetans, the Chinese and the Japanese, the faintest whispers, still audible over the vast gulf of time, of an awesome encounter which may have taken place on the sacred peak of Mount Meru at the very beginning of man’s time on earth.









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