Strange Landscape

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TITLE : Strange Landscape

AUTHOR : Christopher Frayling

EDITION : Hardcover 1995 (224 pages).

CONDITION : In very good condition – little dirt on page edges. Dustcover a little bowed at the top, but the hardcover beneath is in very good condition.

NOTES : Clearly I brought this as research for Gene of Isis, as there is a bookmark within, marking a page about the Cathar slaughter. The bookmark is a quote by Byron and reads ‘A drop of ink may make a million think.’ Beautiful colour pictures with this one, and it is an excellent research text.

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Author: Christopher Frayling
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The Middle Ages represented a flowering of spirituality and culture which, in Europe, has not been equalled since. This book examines some of the great writers and thinkers of the period and the events in which they took part. A wide-ranging introduction considers the enduring fascination with the Middle Ages – evident today in New Age philosophies – and is followed by discussion of the cult of relics and the growth of pilgrimage which led to the building of magnificent churches throughout Europe. The author then considers challenges to the Established Church, and also recounts the tale of Dante and of his work, “The Divine Comedy” – an epic of space travel which is in many ways a summary of late-medieval thinking.

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