Practical Atlantean Magic


TITLE : Practical Atlantean Magic

AUTHOR : Murry Hope

EDITION : Paperback 1991 (191 Pages)

CONDITION : This book is all in one piece. Quiet worn on spine, as all my Murry Hope books are well referenced. I have made some notes in the margins in pencil here and there. And you can see a small fold on the bottom corner (see picture).

NOTE : Research for ‘An Echo In Time’. All the information on the Gods, Temples, Orders & the Quazi-crytals came from this book.  An absolute favourite of mine.  Along with ‘Atlantis – Myth or Reality?’ by the same author.  I rebuilt an ancient world with these two books.

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Author: Murry Hope
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*RARE* Can be sourced from the UK or even here but the price is consistent with mine. Is a highly prized book, and the new edition is over $90.

In Atlantis civilisation peaked and flourished before being overcome by an unimaginable catastrophe. It’s existence has been dismissed by scholars over the ages as pure fantasy. But was it really Plato’s only work of fiction? Today the evidence supporting the reality of Atlantis is stronger than ever.

The Legends – Fact and Fiction.
The Atlantean basis of Western Magic.
Stellar and Solar Magic
Lessons, Exercises, Prayers & Rites.
How to prepare for the future.

Murry Hope is one of my all time favourite authors, I have many of her books in my library – not all of which I am ready to part with yet. The price of these reflect there value to me, you may be able to track them down elsewhere for a lesser price.




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