Occult Glossary

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TITLE : Occult Glossary: A Compendium of Oriental and Theosophical Terms: A Compendium of Oriental & Theosophical Terms

AUTHOR : G De Purucker

EDITION : Hardcover 1996 (201 Pages) Theosophical University Press

CONDITION : The outer sleeve is a little worn, but the hardcover book within in is very good condition bar a little ware at the top of the spine. Not much yellowing of the pages.

NOTE : This is a must have for anyone venturing into the realms of the esoteric in their writing, it is a wonderful, helpful tool for getting your terms and references straight.

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Every branch of study has its special terminology, and theosophy is no exception. Originally published in London in 1933, this Glossary defines some 300 terms frequently found in the field of metaphysics and explains them in the light of theosophy. An invaluable textbook for the student, the Glossary is a succinct and reliable aid in discerning the occult or ‘hidden’ meaning of many Sanskrit, Greek, and technical terms used in theosophical literature.




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