Life Among the Pirates

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TITLE : Life Among the Pirates : The Romance and the Reality

AUTHOR : David Cordingly

EDITION : Paperback 1995 (Pages 348)

CONDITION : Good condition – some yellowing of the pages – spine is a little cracked. Book is holding together well.

NOTES : This was research for ‘The Immortal Bind’.

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Author: Mark Haeffner
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What were pirates really like How much, if any, of the piratical stereotype – of a dashingly handsome man with an eye-patch, peg-leg and a parrot on his shoulder – is based on the documented fact. In this revealing and highly original study David Cordingly sets out to discover the truth behind the piracy myth, exploring its enduring and extraordinary appeal, and answering such questions as: why did men become pirates Were there any women pirates How much money did they make from plundering and looting And were pirates really dashing highwaymen of the Seven Seas or just vicious cut-throats and robbers From Long John Silver to Henry Morgan, Robert Louis Stevenson to J.M. Barrie, LIFE AMONG THE PIRATES examines all the heavyweights of history and literature and presents the essential survey of this fascinating phenomenon.

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