Jung on Alchemy

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TITLE : Jung on Alchemy

AUTHOR : C. G. Jung & Nathan Schwarz-Salant

EDITION : Softcover Trade Paperback 1995 (228 Pages)

CONDITION : Excellent – hardly any yellowing of the pages.

NOTE : Research for ‘the Alchemist’s Key’ written around the text and visionary insight of Carl Jung, what more could you ask for? Normally sells for about $60

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Jung realised that the fantastic images of alchemy – fire-breathing dragons, hermaphrodites, lions giving birth to the sun – are not so far from our daily lives. He made sense of such seemingly incomprehensible symbols and showed how, in fact, such images represent a usually unseen level that has immense power over how we feel, think and imagine our existence.

Nathan Schwartz-Salant, a leading Jungian analyst with a special interest in alchemy, has brought together a key selection of Jung’s writings on alchemy. His lucid introduction provides a clear account of the basics of alchemy and explains to the reader Jung’s ideas on alchemical studies.

Jung on Alchemy provides an excellent introduction to one of Jung’s most exciting, yet most challenging, fields of study.







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