Doomsday 1999 AD

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TITLE : Doomsday 1999 AD

AUTHOR : Charles Berlitz

EDITION : Paperback 1981 (Pages 226)

CONDITION : Good copy – little yellowing of the pages and dirt on page edges – but otherwise good.

NOTES : People often ask me how I predicted all that I did in ‘Masters of Reality’, well this book certainly helped. In retrospect the title does not do this book justice, as his insights reach out beyond 1999 AD (he was referring to the paranoia that occurs coming up to these landmark years, and how the same has occurred throughout history and who and what were driving the fear and superstition). Twas a fascinating read. You can find second hand copies of this but they are scarce.

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Author: Charles Berlitz
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An examination of doomsday theories from ancient and biblical prophecies to present-day speculations investigates the forecasts of religious and mystic seers.

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