Discover Dreams

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TITLE : Discover Dreams

AUTHOR : Nerys Dee

EDITION : Paperback 1989 (240 pages).

CONDITION : A little creased and worn – little dirt on page edges, but holding together well for being referenced so much! But the book and all its pages are sit in tact and bound.

NOTES : This was a birthday present from a friend, and has been referenced a lot over the years on a personal level. This also has a dream dictionary at the back for easy reference.

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Author: Nerys Dee
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This is an examination into the language of dreams by dream analyst Nerys Dee. The book examines the mechanics of dreaming and the techniques that can be used to gain better recall of, manipulate and understand dreams. A dream dictionary is included for analysis and there is a series of exercises to practise remembering, recording, interpreting and influencing dreams. The author makes use of dream examples to explore the hidden meanings of dream forms and there is a list of the top ten commonest dreams as well as information on precognition and death, signs, symbols and archetypes and the language and source of dreams. Nerys Dee is the author of Your Dreams and What They Mean.

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