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“My mentor session with Traci Harding was thought provoking and fun!  Being a first time writer, I was horrendously nervous talking to Traci who is such an accomplished author. However, her great sense of humour and incredible humility set me at ease and our session felt like a chat between colleagues rather than an expert talking to a novice. Traci was gracious with her time and advice, which has unlocked a door that was hiding a flood of ideas that I couldn’t seem to find a key to. I would recommend these mentor sessions for all writers, no matter their experience.”

Hayley, Qld, Australia

Love Traci's books.    Nothing like a good fantasy novel to  take my mind off the stresses of the day to day world.

Cheryl, NSW

My husband loves books. I think that book is the perfect gift for all holidays. I would definitely recommend your store to my family and friends. Always an excellent and fantastic service. Thank you so much.

Louise Sanders, Melbourne